Take a selfie, then use the Brace Yourself app to preview yourself with braces.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with braces? Are your kids nervous about going to the orthodontist because they can’t envision their new smiles? Sometimes being worried about how we’ll look in braces can hold us back from taking that first step.

Well, never fear, there truly is “an app for that!” Whether you’re considering braces for your child or for yourself, your journey can start with the Brace Yourself® app. Use the app to easily try out different options before actually committing to orthodontics.

Get a Realistic Preview

With Brace Yourself, you can preview your smile with braces using your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. It features up to 30 different sets of braces, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. This app can even be used for photographs with multiple people in it, just add more braces to the photos and see how each of you will look!

The Brace Yourself app can help you make important choices regarding your orthodontic needs, and it’s perfect for all ages. The photos it creates are realistic-looking and, due to its built-in sharing features, you can easily share the images on any or all of your social accounts!

Give it a Try!

The Brace Yourself app is easy to use! Follow these simple steps to begin exploring how you’d look with braces. Switch them out as many times as you like, and when you find one that works for you, save the image! Lunch time at school can be a lot more fun for your child and his/her friends as they preview their new smiles!

1. Download the Brace Yourself app on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Brace Yourself app shown on iPhone.

Download the Brace Yourself app and choose the style of your braces.

2. After starting up the app, select from the two options: Take a picture of yourself or upload an image.

Take a selfie and upload it to the Brace Yourself App to see how you will look with Braces!

But first… Let me take a selfie (don’t forget to show your teeth)!

3. Use the app to add braces, select a color, and adjust the size of the braces to fit your teeth.

Play with your many options for braces right in the Brace Yourself app to find the right fit for you!

Style your braces to just how you want them.

4. When you have it just right, save your image and share it with your friends, family, and even your orthodontist!

Are You Ready for the Real Thing?

Both patients and doctors are using and enjoying Brace Yourself, a fun and innovative app. Use this tool to share your pictures with your friends and family – and remember, you may be sharing the key that helps someone take the first step to a healthier and more beautiful smile!

What do you think of the Brace Yourself app? Has it helped you in making a decision to get braces? Comment below!


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